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July 1, 2014 9:05 pm



"I make a wish upon the hours
The clock blinks turning a number.
It’s a line of lines I’m staring, under
A white ceiling and a scent of flowers.

The burning feeling that blooms inside
Looks like fire battling water tonight.
The light pouring from the night,
This fire could cause the darkness to hide.

Deep sad thoughts suddenly fear
The light they’ve never seen near.
They never knew light could achieve
To grow inside the darkness where they live.”

Ana. xx (@AnaaRitaaa)

June 29, 2014 10:15 pm

♡ find your best posts on my blog ♡


♡ find your best posts on my blog ♡

10:15 pm 10:15 pm



"You sing me a song
Slightly out of tone
I read sad poetry
And our eyes become teary.

We walk in the park
Between people we don’t know
Not too close, but not apart
Laughing at jokes we know.

I always told you
Some songs hit close to home,
And now you listen to those blues
That I used to listen to,
When we would dream of Rome.

Now I’m gone,
Our home is gone.
You pushed me away
Before I could say
I wanted to stay.

And now I walk in the park
Surrounded by people I don’t know
Not too close, but not apart
And I’m alone
With my heart hanging apart
From my chest where it used to beat.

I now have to find
A place for me to be
To take care of my heart
And grow together every part
That you decided to leave behind.”

Ana. xx (@AnaaRitaaa)

June 28, 2014 12:54 pm

The Key


"I get my old and sad thoughts,
I gather them all together in a trunk
As old as me, with twenty-one years old
Locking it in the back of my soul.

I hide the key behind the clock
That is older than me,
Since when I was born
It was already here.

I hide it where I can’t see it
Even though I know it’s here
Behind the clock that I hear
Every second its tick.

I struggle to keep those thoughts away
But I want to go through them anyway,
As I stare at the clock on the shelf
Trying to stop myself.

The reason why I locked the bad
Away from my chest and head,
Was for a simple protection as a spell
So I could focus on a future for myself.

And the key behind the clock is still there
Because every time I face it while I sit on my chair,
I recall that time doesn’t stop
Just because of my silent teardrop.

And if time comes first
My old thoughts come second,
I need to focus in what I’ve got
And forget the past that I lost.

As I finally stop trying to get back to something cursed
Because I don’t want to waste a glimpse of another second,
I recall that I’m the only one who can save me
Not the key, not the clock; it’s just me as it always has been.”

Ana. xx (@AnaaRitaaa)

11:03 am June 27, 2014 9:23 pm



"It’s late and I’m still here,
Writing my heart out before it bleeds.
Do you know how it feels,
To see everything you love disappear?
I wonder how it would be
If I could pick up the pieces
That I feel leaving me
But I can’t move or speak
While I freeze.
I can’t hear,
And I no longer can see
I just feel while it bleeds,
And that should be good,
But right now I feel doomed
To be left with only one sense
Full of all the bad that stands
Right in front of me.”

Ana. xx (@AnaaRitaaa)

9:20 pm 9:17 pm June 26, 2014 10:05 pm

Edge of Crying


"On the edge of crying
While the night is falling
You might think I’m silly
To consider I have never been pretty.
But that isn’t the reason why
Of my sad state of mind,
Under a pressure
That has been rising
And day after day
I can’t bare the feeling.
I said goodbye
But it still isn’t enough
To disconnect from a world
That wants to see me fall
Inside the deep hole
They dig for me.
And I can’t control
My own deepest fears
Knowing their words hold
As meaning, to ruin all the dreams
That I hold on to for so long.”

Ana. xx (@AnaaRitaaa)