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July 25, 2014 10:04 pm



"The inside of my mind is a dark place
You may not know it
And I will never show it.
It’s not something to be proud of,
All these demons that never want to leave
Know that I’m not strong enough to kill them.
I slightly manage to hide them
A simply trick to deceive them
Confining them in the shadows,
Away from the bright side of my soul.
The twirls will be plenty,
Of disappointments I’ve lost the count,
But I can’t let the fear they spread in my veins
To be enough to drown me in pain.
I may look weak and that’s alright
As long as I know that weak is something that I’m not inside.
Taking chances, lots of them,
Balances the scale of fears that I can bare.
I’ll be fighting demons and shadows,
Dealing with mistakes and misunderstandings,
I’ll be rising above the daily struggles,
I’ll grow strong from facing different troubles.”

Ana. xx (@AnaaRitaaa)

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Images France View of Tour Eiffel in Paris 94 on We Heart It -


Images France View of Tour Eiffel in Paris 94 on We Heart It -

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July 23, 2014 10:05 pm

Between the Lines


"Can you still read in between the lines?
Or am I crazy to think about you tonight?
When I know I shouldn’t because all I win is pain
Of another goodbye left unsaid.
But it’s ok, you can hide yourself from me.
That’s all you’ve ever did.
I know, I’ve always seen it
I’ve always perceived it
Even when you thought I couldn’t see
That you talk with others while I’m here.
Twisted and ironic this life I own,
Somehow and somewhere along the way
Everyone ends up running away from me
Or maybe it’s the simple fact that
As incredible as it seems,
Running away is the easiest way to breath.
And you might as well think
That I hate you with all I’ve got
But it’s not truth, I hold nothing bad towards you
All I want is your happiness
While you hurt me with your silence.
I know things will never be the same
I suppose I accept it anyway,
With my heart heavy due to another departure
Of someone who once meant something to a brokenhearted.”

Ana. xx (@AnaaRitaaa)

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July 1, 2014 9:05 pm



"I make a wish upon the hours
The clock blinks turning a number.
It’s a line of lines I’m staring, under
A white ceiling and a scent of flowers.

The burning feeling that blooms inside
Looks like fire battling water tonight.
The light pouring from the night,
This fire could cause the darkness to hide.

Deep sad thoughts suddenly fear
The light they’ve never seen near.
They never knew light could achieve
To grow inside the darkness where they live.”

Ana. xx (@AnaaRitaaa)

June 29, 2014 10:15 pm

♡ find your best posts on my blog ♡


♡ find your best posts on my blog ♡

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"You sing me a song
Slightly out of tone
I read sad poetry
And our eyes become teary.

We walk in the park
Between people we don’t know
Not too close, but not apart
Laughing at jokes we know.

I always told you
Some songs hit close to home,
And now you listen to those blues
That I used to listen to,
When we would dream of Rome.

Now I’m gone,
Our home is gone.
You pushed me away
Before I could say
I wanted to stay.

And now I walk in the park
Surrounded by people I don’t know
Not too close, but not apart
And I’m alone
With my heart hanging apart
From my chest where it used to beat.

I now have to find
A place for me to be
To take care of my heart
And grow together every part
That you decided to leave behind.”

Ana. xx (@AnaaRitaaa)